Artificial Intelligence Can Now Distinguish Gay Men From Straight Men

gay men

As much as you love how technology advances on a daily basis, have you ever taken time to think of what dangers it can cause? Elon Musk thinks Artificial Intelligence could lead to World War III. However, recent research from Stanford University shows that AI could be more dangerous if it now invades people’s privacy.

Michal Kosinski and Yilun Wang have developed an algorithm that can perfectly guess if a person is gay or straight. The two conducted the study using 35,000 photos posted on a public American dating site, with indications of either gay or straight, shown in their profile settings.

To perfectly identify a person’s sexuality, the algorithm used the deep neural networks to extract features from the large datasets. Gay men appeared more feminine as they exhibited gender variant features, dressing styles, and expressions. Also, they seemed to have broad foreheads, long noses, and their jaws narrower as compared to straight men. Gay women were a complete opposite of their male counter parts as they exhibited smaller foreheads and big jaws.

The algorithm eventually was able to differentiate gay men from straight ones 81% of the entire time and 74% of the same time for women by reviewing the person’s photo. Feeding the system with a similar photograph five times improved the accuracy to 91% and 83% for males and females respectively.

The research seeks to prove the theory that the same hormones that affect the bone development in a fetus are the same that determine a person’s sexuality. This is also to say that people do not choose to be gay, but they are born.

What is more stressful is how safe is the artificial intelligence technology? The tech is probably prone to misuse, an act that will hurt people, especially those who prefer keeping their sexuality secret from their friends and members of their family. Google shows that today women are more concerned about their husbands being gay than cheating, with the phrase “is my husband gay?” dominating the search engine than “is my husband having an affair?”

For countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Yemen where homosexuality is punishable by death, Such software could be overly misused had it landed on such countries’ government.