This Application Can Help to Find Missing Persons


Different types of application play a very important role in our everyday life. Gone those days when Calling and texting was primary features of phones. Now smartphones can do way more than that. As a result calling and texting have become a secondary feature of any smartphone. Recently an app named Face app went viral. This app can make anyone’s face look older or younger via certain algorithm. And law forces now want to use this app to find missing persons.

Facial Ageing Techniques to Help Find Missing Persons

Alone in UK 300 thousand people go missing each year. A research team at Bradford University is motivated to develop a technology that will improve the ageing techniques of today’s lost people. The team developed an artificial neural network that uses facial features data from individual databases at different ages. This system maps a number of facial characteristics. Such as the lips, forehead, and cheek of a person and then studies how changes in human features vary with age. Because it uses a lot of data, the system is able to increase its estimates and can deliver almost accurate results.


Applications Developed for Case Studies of Missing Persons

The study used missing persons from 1991 as a case study. Ben Needham was a missing toddler on the Greek island of Kos when he was 21 months old. Ben was never found. However, for years investigators have produced some images that predict how he will look when he grows up into his teens and twenties. This is not the first time they have done serious experiments in creating an algorithm that can show the face of a certain age. The new method from Bradford University looks to be a major step forward. At least from the model, they made three years ago. Current methods use linear or dimensional methods. while Bradford University uses non-linear means more suitable for accurate predictions.


This type of face imaging software will help in long run. We hope that it will help us to find our missing loved ones easily.