Apple’s Wireless Chargers Will Not Launch With iPhone X

Apple's wireless charger

According to KGI’s Securities Authoritative Ming-Chi Kuo, the Apple’s wireless chargers will not initially launch on the same day as the three new iPhones, which are to be launched on Tuesday, September 12.

Kuo said that the iPhone X and the two other iPhones would charge using third party wireless chargers as they support QI charging standards. The report also confirms that Apple will package strict rules for the wireless charger specs. You can find the third party wireless chargers at Amazon or BestBuy.

Instead of plugging in the phone to charge, you will drop it on a pad, and it starts charging. Although other Android phones like Samsung have featured wireless charging functionality on their gadgets before, iPhone X will be Apple’s first attempt on the option.

Ming-Chi Kuo says that the current wireless charger does meet Apple’s standards of production and that the company will require advanced technology breakthroughs for them to embark on mass production of the pads. The KGI Securities authoritative did not clarify, or other he was not sure exactly when the company will launch the Apple’s wireless chargers.

It is not entirely clear whether the Apple’s wireless first party charger will have any advantages over the third party chargers. Samsung, for instance, has their own fast charging wireless charger on the market that can charge Samsung batteries far more quickly than third party options.

The Apple’s big event will start on Tuesday at 1:00 pm EDT.