Apple Sued Over Slowing Down Old Phones


Apple handsets have been slowing down as they age, and users didn’t know the cause until the company admitted last week that it had been their doing. And the users are not very happy with the move, and they’re proving that to the Tech Company by taking them to court.

Five Apple users in New York have presented cases in court, suing the company for the slowing down their handsets intentionally as their batteries age. The five lawsuits follow others that were filed last week but were never reported.

In the filed lawsuits, the Apple users say that they were forced to buy new phones once the older ones started slowing down. And, according to case files, if the users were informed that the batteries were the problem, they would have replaced them instead of incurring enormous costs of buying new handsets.

The previous lawsuits presented similar arguments.

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Apple confirmed that they slowed down iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, and SE once the users updated to the new iOS. The company intentionally slowed the phone through a software update through the new iOS.

To defend their actions, Apple said that they slowed down the batteries to prevent the phones from shutting down unexpectedly.

The Company uses Lithium-ion batteries, and, according to the company, the cells become less able to supply sufficient power when in cold conditions. They also, according to Apple, have a slow charging process. The result is that the insufficient power supply leads to the phone unexpectedly shutting down to protect its internal components.

Slowing down the batteries prevented these unexpected phone shutdowns.

The phone users are furious about it because the Company kept them in the dark. A previous test conducted by Reddit on Apple phones led to the Company admitting to the slowdown feature.

The phone owners argue that they could have been informed on how the company treats their aging batteries, instead of hiding it and slowing down their phones anyway.