Apple May Soon Have A 3D Sensing Rear-Camera On iPhone


Early 2019, all iPhones are likely to have their back-facing camera fitted with a 3D sensor. This is because some rumors show that the company is already working on a pair of augmented reality glasses. According to AppleInsider, Apple is heavily investing in the AR feature for its future iPhone handsets.

A report from Barclays analysts shows that Apple together with its partners is busy working to bring the 3D sensor to iPhone’s back-facing camera. According to AppleInsider, the new 3D element on the iPhone will work just like the iPhone X TrueDepth camera.

In Simple Terms, This Means That:

Apple wants all its future iPhone handsets starting from 2019 to come with a rear-facing camera with a 3D sensor feature. A 3D sensor camera can easily examine the environment and convert it into an electronic emotion expression (emojis).

The end-result of the 3D sensor on the iPhone’s rear camera will be similar to the iPhone X camera. This means that the 3D feature on the mobile phones will enable the users to make animojis easily using the back-facing camera.

The company looks forward to using an improved mechanism of the TrueDepth camera. It will as well use the Time-of-Flight (TOF) calculations for data collection about intensity and distance. The main work of TOF on cameras is to calculate the time light takes to travel to the object and back.

Also, the introduction of the 3D feature on the iPhone will improve real-life tracking. It will as well make augmented reality more engaging than before.

The tech giant will not stop on the iPhone; rather, it plans to have the augmented reality system on a number of its hardware devices. Also, the AR kit may to start operating once the TrueDepth system is available on most of the Apple hardware devices.

Although the company’s plans are for future iPhones, this may change later. But Barclays market analysts say that Apple is determined to guarantee a strong point of support in the augmented reality market.