Apple HomePod Overview!!


Recently Apple announced its newest lineup of product the Home Pod. For those of you who don’t know it is a personal assistant.  Therefore to differentiate itself from other products like this Apple announced that their main focus is to deliver better music experience. The Apple Home Pod will launch around December this year with a price tag of $350. So let’s look at some of the key features and specifications of this product.


As a result of being an Apple product, the overall design is pretty minimalistic. The form factor is quite small around 7 inches tall. Therefore much smaller than its competitors. It has a cylindrical shape and the whole body is covered with a meshed grill. The top and the bottom is flat and on the top, it has the touch controls. It has a waveform LED at the top and has no markings on its body. The Home Pod will be available in two colours, Space grey and white.

apple homepod


The audio quality will be the biggest selling point of the Home Pod. Therefore Apple had to implement some good audio hardware to satisfy Apple heads around the world. As a result, the Home Pod has 7 beamforming tweeter array. Each equipped with its own driver. Also, it has a 4 inch upward facing woofer for better bass quality.

apple homepod

It has 6 microphone arrays over the tweeters. Therefore it allows the Home Pod to hear spoken Siri commands precisely. The speaker unit uses dynamic software modelling and low-frequency microphones to adjust the sound and provides distortion free audio even on high volumes. Most noteworthy it has an A8 chip. This chip was first introduced with the iPhone 6 so clearly, it has some serious processing power.

Another cool new feature of the Home Pod is its Spacial Awareness. As a result, it can map its surrounding via the microphones and adjust the sound for a better hearing experience.


Apple updated Siri to work with the Home Pod. As a result, Siri can now answer more music related questions. Therefore Siri now supports a wider range of commands like ” Play something new” or ” Who’s the drummer in this?”. 

apple homepodThough Siri is not limited to music and answer a wide range of questions. Therefore it can do all the things that any typical personal assistant on the market can do. Apple also took care of privacy and until you activate Siri by saying “Hey Siri” it won’t hear or record anything.


Home Pod also works as a home kit hub. Therefore it allows you to control your other home kit devices like Apple TV and iPod via the Home Pod.

Very few people got the chance to experience the product first hand and almost all of them showed very positive response towards it. At least on paper, the specs and features look interesting. For a brief review, you have to wait until the product launches in December this year.