Apple Fires An iPhone X Engineer Because Of His Daughter’s Hands On Video


Apple reportedly fired an iPhone X engineer for violating an Apple company rule. The engineer’s daughter went to see him and shot a hands-on video of the new iPhone X. Brooke Amelia Peterson uploaded the video on Youtube and it became viral very quickly. Therefore, many Apple enthusiastic sites picked up her video and started analysing them. Shooting without permission on Apple campus is strictly banned.

Amelia’s Explanation

Brooke Amelia Peterson now claims that her father has been fired because of her video. In the latest video, we see Amelia crying and explaining why her father was fired. She explains that his father has violated a company rule by letting her shoot on the company premises. Also, Apple reportedly requested her to remove the video but it was too late. The content kept spreading further and further.

The video might seem like an innocent hands on but it captured some unreleased apps. The iPhone model was an employee only model. It also caught a new note app. It appears to have codenames for future Apple products. Filming on Apple campus is strictly prohibited. By letting his daughter film he definitely violated the company policy.

This kind of dismissal is nothing new. A while back a Microsoft employee was fired because his son posted pictures of unreleased XBox 360. Amelia’s father has worked for Apple for more than 4 years and he worked on the iPhone RF and wireless circuit design. We reached out to Apple for a comment on the dismissal but the company has not yet responded.


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