Apple Agreed India to Help in Anti-Spam Messages


Apple Inc has been fighting with the Government of India for over approving an IOS to block the spam calls and the texts in the region for some time now. A report suggests that Apple has changed its tune slightly by agreeing to provide the assistance to help make such an app with only “Limited Capabilities”.

No third party accessing:

Apple does not want to give a third party application to access the iPhone call logs on Privacy grounds. It is not clear what compromise has been reached.

It is possible for the users to block texts, phone calls and the time of communication from the particular senders. For the iMessage chats from the unknown recipients that Apple exposes one-click buttons to report unsolicited messages as spam.

Apple added a third party extension API to authorize the developers to create the applications that can block incoming calls as they come in.

Apple said that some of the features of the government of India proposed application would not be possible. It is not possible for the third party app to access the data about the phone’s recent calls.

Apple would allow such an application to be created. It could weaken its privacy of global and open the gates of floods for the other government to request similar access.

TRAI frustrated with Apple:

Apple’s refusal to cooperate was not received well by the Representatives of India. Apple reported executives for multiple to discuss the operations and the options with the Indian regulator. Apple agreed to help develop a version of the app with the limited capabilities in October. The Indian regulator TRAI being frustrated and given the statement as Apple is adopting the tactics of dilatory.

Apple has been trying to increase its foothold in the smartphone marketplace in India. It is done by opening retail stores here and being granted permission to sell used iPhones imported into the country. Shutting the government app that aimed at protecting Indian Consumers aren’t going to endeavor anyone to Apple’s plight.

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