Android O’s official name might release on August 21


The new Android version, Android O has been on the plate for a while. The developer’s preview is out for quite a while but no one knows what the name is going to be. We had our speculations but we have a good lead now on what the name could be. Don’t you wanna know what the name could be?

Recently the managing editor of “Android Police” tweeted about the name announcement day of Android O. At first he stated in a tweet that the Android O update for Pixel has been delayed.

Then he posted another series of tweets in which he gave us quite a solid hint. David is very well known for his reliable sources and he does not speak up on some matter if he is not confident.

Though he clearly said that it is a “Completely Unverifiable” rumour, we think it is a pretty good lead about the name announcement date and most important ” The Name”.

He stated that the name announcement will happen on 21’st August, at the day of a solar eclipse. He also teased that the announcement will not happen the regular way and Google has big plans for this announcement. As a reslut, it was easy for us to connect the remaining dots.

This whole solar eclipse thing might sound a little exaggerated but if he is right then the name will better be “OREO”. Yes, you heard it right, our favourite cookie Oreo. The senior vice president Hiroshi Lockheimer also teased out a tweet. It seems like his tweet supports this claim. Look what he tweeted.

Still, all of this is just a speculation but we are pretty confident about this. Personally, I would like this name very much. But I am not the only one who thinks so. You guys like this name too which reflects by this tweet where you guys voted for Oreo.

No matter what, we are eagerly waiting to see what Google has under their sleeves. Counting days until it’s 21’st August.