An Electric Vehicle Prototype Designed for African Rural Roads

Electric car

Well-paved roads and streets is a big word for African rural roads,  which makes them limited to privileges like electric cars riding on them.

Most of the electric vehicles are made for paved roads and heel-early adaptors, a factor that makes them difficult to drive on African rural streets. Many rural African areas have no access to electricity, and their roads are highly impassable. Paved roads are only available in big towns and cities, and, or on highways connecting big towns.

To beat this problem of electricity and bad roads, the Technical University of Munich has invented an electric vehicle prototype; the aCar, designed to overcome the conditions of African rural roads.

It is a four-wheel drive with the abilities to maneuver the Africa rural roads and also off-road driving. The car has a range of about 50 miles, but the electric motor is designed with abilities to clear obstacles, and it is highly reliable.

It is also a modular vehicle as you can use it for both passengers and cargo, not at the same time though. The car battery is also able to power other equipment apart from the car.

The aCar completed its real road tests in in July this year, in rural Ghana. It is expected to be mass produced for the market with a starting price $11,944.

The price is way much affordable for an electric vehicle, and way cheaper than the big cars that are suitable for African rural areas.