The American President Donated $ 1 Million To The Victims Of Hurricane Harvey


Hurricane Harvey is causing disastrous flooding in the region of Southern Texas.

Hurricane caused great damage to thousands of people. These become powerless. They are left with no transportation and food. The flood has harmed the city a lot.

Damage Caused By Hurricane Harvey

The hurricane Harvey has not caused the physical damage, but also political unrest. Hurricane Harvey caused power plant to explode twice. Trump scrapped many flood standards which were introduced by the former president Barack Obama. This action has already caused a great harm to the people. Now President Trump comes up with a great plan he thought of helping the victims.

Donald Trump’s Plan for Helping The Victims

According to the white house, the president of America, Donald Trump plans for donating 1 million dollars to the people who are suffering in Hurricane Harvey. On Thursday, the Secretary of white house Sarah Sanders told reporters that Trump has promised of financing $1 million of the personal money. Sarah Sanders made it clear that the money is given from the Trump’s personal funds. The money will not come from the Trump organization.

Trump’s Plan For Visiting Texas Again

The secretary Sarah was asked that President Trump will be donating the money to which group. Sarah asked for the recommendation to the press.

Sarah Sanders told that the president Donald Trump will be visiting Texas again. He is going to check the damage which is caused by the storm. The president is traveling to Houston to observe the flooding.

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