The Smart Speaker Battle Continues; Amazon’s Alexa Can Now Recognize Different Voices


The smart speaker technology has been a battlefield for Google and Amazon, with each trying to outsmart the other. Despite Amazon being the first to launch the smart speaker, Google was the first to include the voice recognition capabilities on their Google home smart speaker back in April. Amazon’s Alexa will now be able to recognize different voices in the house.

According to the company during the features’ launch, users will now get customized services based on their voices, including flash briefings, personalized Amazon music playlist, shopping list and Alexa calling. This is just the beginning, according to the company, as more unidentified features are set to be included on the three Amazon smart speakers.

Setting Up the Voice Profiles

Users will read ten phrases aloud as the echo, echo dot or echo show records; the Amazon’s Alexa devices will then use the data to create a voice profile. When done setting up the profile, the smart speaker will be able to work across other Alexa devices and also third-party devices with Alexa abilities.

The new inclusions will roll out in the next few days. Setting the voice recognition is quite simple. You open the mobile app and go to settings, select “Your Voice” and follow through the demo. The device is compatible with other Alexa enabled devices with an Amazon account link. However, the Voice Profile is not going to work with tap-to-talk devices like TV and fire remotes, and also the Amazon Tap.

By adding the voice recognition capabilities on their smart speakers, Amazon addressed their major selling competition they’ve been facing from Google.