The Amazon Key Gives Couriers Access to Your Front Door


Is it okay to let strangers access your house in your absence? Well, that’s what Amazon thinks with the introduction of the Amazon Key. A decade ago Amazon launched prime, a premium subscription that made it possible for members within the U.S to receive their deliveries in a couple of days.

The service has been improving since then to make much faster deliveries. Members can receive one-day shipments, and for some items, you can get your package in a couple of hours. Since not all the time that a customer will be home, Amazon introduced lockers at nearby stores where the customer would pick their packages when they returned home.

The company also introduced drones that could carry the package and drop it right at your backyard. The new service is the most convenient of all, the Amazon Key that will give the couriers access to your front door and place your package safely in the house.

The company has said that it has safe ways for you to let the delivery guy into your house even you are not there. The Amazon key is a full package that comprises of a cloud camera, a security camera, and a compatible smart lock. The whole package will sell at $250 and will officially launch on November 8.

amazon key
You can view the whole process as it happens from your smartphone, wherever you are.

You click the “in home” shipping button when placing an order. When the driver arrives at your home, Amazon will verify the address and let the courier in the house. You can view the whole process as it happens from wherever you are from your smartphone.

The best thing is, you will not have to worry about the fact that driver might return to your home and harm you or anything, Amazon doesn’t give access codes to the drivers.

Additional Amazon Key Services

Amazon says this service is not only for deliveries; you also can use it to let visitors into the house. Or if your daughter or son returns early from school, you can use the Amazon Key to let them in. You can also use it to let cleaners and, or home renovators into the house if you’re not around.

Amazon says the services will start at 37 cities in the U.S as they expand to the rest later.