Amazon Donates 1600 Echo Dots To Arizona State University


Arizona State University is one of the techiest university out there. As a result, you will see Bluetooth enabled automated showers and hand dryers and if that was not enough now every student is going to get his own Echo Dots. Amazon donated 1600 Echo Dots to Arizona State University. Each student is going to get his own virtual assistant.

What Is Echo Dots?

Echo Dot is Alexa based virtual assistant and Bluetooth speaker. This small portable device can do all the works that any virtual assistant can do. Therefore it has all the features that can make your life a little easier. It features an Omni directional microphone array for hearing the commands. As a result, it can hear you from anywhere in the room and provides a great range. It also has a nice and small form factor. As a result of its small form factor, the Echo Dot has a very small speaker unit. Then again the price is relatively cheaper than its competitors. It will cost you around $50.

How It’s Going To Help Students?

The newest addition on their list is going to give students access to hands-free information gathering service. It is also going help them learn more about voice-based assistants so they can develop their own commands for Alexa.They are also offering 3 undergraduate courses on voice user interface development.  ASU’s engineering dorm is very innovative. They even won best innovative school award twice in a row.

The engineering dorm also has 3D printers, Laer cutters and many more high tech technologies. It is constantly growing its reputation as a major platform for innovative students.

By the way, if you want one of your own virtual home assistant then the Echo Dot is the best option for you. Alexa is obviously not good as google assistant but the cheap price makes Echo Dot a smart choice.