Amazon Banned Sales Of Blu Phones For Security Concerns


Amazon suspended the sales of Blu phones on its site following complaints about security. The US  based phone manufacturer is yet to speak up on this matter.

Recently Blu was accused over security concerns. Also, Kryptowire (Security Firm) is claiming that these devices transmit SMS message and private data to a server in China. Consequently, Blu smartphones use a Chinese vendor for sending over the air updates. The accused company is Shanghai Adups Technology.

In response to this accusations, Blu said that they already talked with Shanghai Adups and they are fixing this issue. They also stated that they are going to switch to Googles own update software. Adup claims they have already fixed this issue.

Though that was a while ago. Last week the security firm again showed that the firm ware was still transmitting data. Adup is still sending privet information to its server. It can send data, make calls, record your screen and even install apps. The app can wipe your data even without your permission.

As a  result of this invasion of privacy, Amazon suspended the sales of this smartphone on their website. They said that security of their customers is their main concern and that is the reason for this temporary suspension.

These complaints are going to hurt the market reputation of Blu. They also lost their place on Amazons prime list. Though Blu is saying using Adups did not cause this problem. They said that they are going to use Googles service on their new phones.

Privacy concerns are a genuine threat to someone’s privet data. Though we are seeing more and more complaints. Even giant companies like Facebook and Google are not totally clean from this type of accusations. So it is safe to say that we should give more attention to any security concerns.

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