Amazon Adds On Now And Live Programming Guides To Its Fire TV


Reaching out to that remote control and change the channel or switch programs sometimes seems tiring. But now you can ask Alexa to take you to Live TV straight without any hustle. Users of Amazon Fire TV can now watch what is currently airing and what is coming up via a new feature called On Now.

However, only a few supported channels have access to the features. The channels include HBO, Showtime, Starz, and Cinemax. Furthermore, having access is not enough, because you have to subscribe through Amazon channels to get the full services. This means that users who have subscribed to HBO Now and HBO Go can’t get the service.

This sounds like a disappointment to such users. But the company says that the number of supported channels may increase later, although not clear if they will be included. The company gave the news during the launch of the channel guides to the live programming.

Also, On Now lets you leap ahead and check what is coming up later in the program.

Currently, Amazon supports more than 140 channels in America alone. Although not all of them have access to live programming TV.

The e-commerce giant is trying to make Fire TV internet look more like the basic cable television sets.

This sounds more familiar to people who own a TV set that has Amazon’s Fire TV Software installed. Every TV set that has a Fire TV interface supports these new channel guides and the latest feature from Amazon.

Once a user subscribes to one of the premium cable networks and sets up the digital antenna, On Now icon appears on the TV’s home screen displaying all the programs together with a preview of live channels.

For as much it looks like a slow and small start for the company, it seems like Amazon is trying to expand this into a digital service.