Amanda Nunes Slightly Escapes With Her UFC Bantamweight Championship


Valentina Shevchenko is not happy at all about the judges’ decision in her match against the UFC bantamweight champion, Amanda Nunes. She lost the match on a razor-split decision when two judges ruled 48-47 for Nunes while the third judge had it 48-47 for Valentine.

Valentina was so irate; she could not believe that she just lost a hold on the bantamweight championship at such a slim decision. It felt like a broad day light robbery. The close margins were expected. That is what happens when two fighters with closely similar skills enter into the ring. Nine months ago the two took on each other in a none-title bout in UFC 196, and Amanda Nunes emerged victorious under similar circumstances.

In the UFC 215 main event, the two fighters gave the judges nothing or too little to choose from. If one judge on Amanda’s side had a second thought, we would have crowned a new women’s bantamweight champ on Saturday 9, 2017. Amanda Nunes and her followers would have been the ones wailing “robbery” at the top of their lungs.

There were such loud boos as the judges read their final verdict, followed by internet screamers shouting “robbery.” The same would have happened; had Shevchenko won the fight, Amanda’s fans wouldn’t have loved it either. Was there a third row, the same outcomes would have happened.

Amanda Nunes shook her head when asked if she was concerned about the ruling, a clear indication that she had no problem with the event’s turn out. “I wasn’t concerned with anything,” she said.

Quite shocked by the decision, Valentina Shevchenko stood across the ring. She was so upset and said that despite the fact that Amanda is the hardest hitting fighter in the sport, she hadn’t landed any significant blow on her.

Shevchenko gave Nunes a chance to score a take down when she attempted a head-and-arm throw, but she couldn’t complete it. Amanda’s counter got to Valentine first and took her down; she did nothing with the takedown. However, that might have won her the match.

The fight upgraded to UFC 215 main event when Ray Borg withdrew from his fight against the UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson due to a viral infection.