Aliens Will Invade Planet Earth in 2018, a Time Traveler from 2048 Warns


Apparently it is not only in movies where you’ll meet a time traveler.

Do you watch Sci-Fi movies? Have you seen how aliens attack the planet Earth in the films? Imagine walking with your friends at night then a beam of light drops down from the sky and surrounds one of you, then the next thing you see is them ascending the sky like an angel. And the beam comes for the rest of you one by one. That’s how it happens in alien movies, right?

The alien Sci-Fi is about to become a reality to the planet earth. That is what a man who claims to have traveled back from 2048 warns, that aliens are going to attack the planet earth in 2018. The man, identified as Bryant Johnson was arrested in Casper, Wyoming for public intoxication.

The Casper police said they encountered Bryant Johnson on Monday at around 10:30 pm and told them that he had traveled back from 2048. According to the officers, the suspect was smelling alcohol, and so they arrested him for drunk and disorderly.

According to the time traveler, he managed to travel the time because he was filled with alcohol by the aliens. He asked the police to let him speak to the President of Wyoming. He said that immigrants would arrive next year and he indented to warn the Casper people to start leaving while there is still time.

He also said that he was not supposed to come to the planet Earth in 2018, but the aliens’ plans went wrong, and so he arrived in time to warn the people.

The time traveler arrived just a month since an American Christian numerologist warned that the Earth was to end on 23rd of September, it never happened. We are still here. Hopefully, this is just another internet Hoax.