This Iceberg Is Splitting Into Two And That’s Dangerous


A huge iceberg located in Antarctica has a larger part of it in the United States. The iceberg is now beginning to burst in the West Antarctic region. The iceberg is splitting into two and it is a big concern for American authority and also for the rest of the world’s coastal nations. The collapse will probably cause a permanent rise of seawater. The rise of the sea water will cause property damages and most probably make thousands of people homeless. So why all of it started?

The Cause The Ice Mountain Split

According to the researchers, this iceberg split is happening because of its geographical situation, not because of climate change. This process started years ago. However, in recent years those fractures have emerged quickly. Maybe climate change triggered the speeding up of this process. But scientists are saying they don’t have any solid proofs for proving this assumption. The Ice already floating in the sea water will not cause any water rise. The rise of sea water will accrue when the glaciers on land will start slipping into the sea water. The non-floating ice will affect the sea level. Based on estimates, if all the ice in Larsen C goes into the sea, then the world’s waters will rise 10 cm.


The Ice Size of Fractures in the Larsen C

The cracked ice chunk is located in the Larsen C region, one of the largest icebergs ever recorded in history. The depth of the boulder is about 210 meters below sea level. Its size reaches 200 kilometers and only 5 kilometers between the edge of the crack with the ocean. The speed of the fracture is increasing very fast. The fracture grew by 18 kilometers in just a few weeks. Previously, a 5,000-square-kilometer fracture in the Larsen C region of northern Antarctica suddenly appeared in December. Larsen C has a thickness of 30 meters and floats in the ocean on the edge of West Antarctica.