Airbus to Fly the World’s First Ever Self-Flying Taxi in 2018


Airbus Chief Engineer Marius Bebesel confirmed earlier this week that the company is looking to fly the world’s first self-flying taxi in Dubai. The project is scheduled to complete by the end of next year after a successful first scale ground tests of the propulsion power system that is supposed to push the automobile through the air.

The craft is made with abilities to take off and land vertically. It has a four-rotor design and can carry up to four passengers. The self-flying taxi is aimed at connecting major travel points like airports and train stations.

Its ability to land and take off vertically makes it possible for it to pick and drop passengers within the densely populated cities of UAE.

The “battery powered” aircraft will ferry people to and from major transportation hubs taking pre-determined routes. The flying taxi will be able to skip over traffic and significantly increase travel times. It will also theoretically reduce road congestions.

Since the aircraft does not yet have an entirely powered electric source, short flights are all it can manage with a battery as its power source. Although, according to Airbus, the craft will soon be entirely powered electrically.

For a start, the aircraft will have a pilot on board who is to operate it upon landing and taking off, before the technology fully grows and transforms the flying taxi to a fully autonomous aircraft. It will be traveling at a topmost speed of 80mph.