The Aid of Technology to the Relief After Harvey and Irma


Tech companies helped people of Texas, Florida, and the Caribbean by both financial and practical efforts. Companies helped by money and operated various rescue operation. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma set the heart-warming appeal for tech companies.

Deadly Storms

One of the fatalities, a man, was killed when a fire hit a Houston-area home during the storm, while a woman drowned as she tried to get out of her vehicle in high water, the Texas Tribune reported on Sunday.

According to National Weather Service five people had died so far, while the death toll was expected to rise. Rise in water levels left thousands of homes flooded and stranded.

Helping hand from Tech Giants

These two storms were so devastating that number of tech companies came forward for help. As stated by Zuckerberg, Facebook increased over $10 million for Harvey relief efforts. Dell committed to donate $36 million. Apple donated $10 million Google gave a share of $2 million, $1 million for each hurricane. Microsoft donated $100,000. According to reports, several other companies made donations to various charities, including the Red Cross, United Way, and the Salvation Army.

Google also helped mark road closures in real time after Imra safe arrival of people to emergency services by their Maps app. Tesla came forward by extending the battery life of its Floridian cars, allowing drivers to go longer than they usually do. Rick Scott activated its Disaster Response Program to help and appealed to open their doors to those in need or find emergency accommodations. JetBlue Airways offered free waivers for affected cities. Certain disaster relief apps are installed offering weather information, location of helpful resources and links to emergency services. GasBuddy came forth by gas availability tracker to help by finding gas and power in storm affected cities.


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