Aditya Agarwal to resign as Dropbox Chief Technology Officer

Aditya Agarwal

Dropbox chief technology officer is set to leave the hosting company by the middle of August. He made his intention known via a post on Facebook. This is coming at a time when the company is making assertive effort to expand its business through the promotion of Dropbox Paper (which is the company’s latest feature).

Prior to assuming the position of CTO, he had served in the capacity of the Vice-president of Dropbox’s engineering team. Notable among his contributions was playing an integral role in the development of Dropbox Enterprise, Smart Sync, and many other groundbreaking features.

The company has thus far seen many success stories since Agarwal joined in 2012. This could be drawn from the fact that it has been able to gain over 500 million users and has also actualized $11 billion run rate in just a period of five years- a feat that has positioned it among one of the market leaders in the industry.

Meanwhile, Dropbox asserted that Agarwal has indeed been a true professional who did his duties with great aplomb. It further thanked him for his efforts in seeing to the company’s development, and also wished him well in his future ordeals.

However, mixed reactions have trailed Agarwal’s resignation. Some persons see the move as too sudden- and rather too soon. This is because Agarwal has barely spent nine (9) months in office as CTO before his decision to resign but industry analysts feel the number of years he has used in office, is enough justification to call it quit in order to pursue something more challenging.

Notwithstanding, Agarwal’s tone sounded as that of a fulfilled person as he reminisced on the success story so far. He hopes that Silicon Valley would eventually build on this success.

Agarwal will be looking to build on a career [that has seen him through Facebook and Dropbox] by taking up an internship position at South Park Commons.