Acer Tablets May Soon Run Chrome OS


Acer has not confirmed the news yet, but a leakage shows that the company may soon launch a tablet that runs Chrome Operating system from Google. This could mark the world’s first tablet to successfully run Chrome OS.

Alister Payne, the originator of the news, took a fascinating picture of the Acer tablet running Chrome OS and posted it for a short time before taking it down. Payne is a Twitter user and an attendee at the Bett education and technology expo in London. He came across the Acer-branded tablet and got a hint about its operating system hence taking it to his Tweeter page. But, it is believed that the post was deleted after Acer’s intervention, although the original text has been recovered.

Few Features Noted On The Acer Tablet With Google’s Chrome OS Picture

On the posted picture, the tablet’s screen estimation is between eight and ten inches. A good look at the screen also shows that all the four corners have a with a thick screen protector (bezel).

Also, a good look at the picture of Acer tablet screen shows that it has a selfie camera at the top and a transparent Acer logo at the bottom of the screen. Other reports indicate that the tablet will work with a Staedtler’s stylus pen.

Previously, Google gave a hint of Chrome OS expansion to other convertible devices including tablets. Currently, Chrome OS from Google only works on Chromebooks. However, Google’s 2-in-1 Chrome OS-powered Pixelbook goes at $999. Launched in October 2017, Pixelbook is Google’s most expensive computer now.

Acer tablets with Chrome OS are likely targeting the education sector in the United States, where Chromebooks are more popular. The students love the Chrome OS laptops due to their operational simplicity and the entry-level price. Statics show a 58 percent record accounted for by Google’s Chrome OS in both primary and secondary schools in the US.

However, at the annual 2018 Bett show, Acer pronounced the Google’s Chrome OS Chromebox and Chromebook both for commercial use, but did not talk about the tablet.