Acer Aspire Switch 3 Pro Specifications leaked


Acer is expected to launch an entry level 2-in-1 tablet in the recent future, one that is hoped to be cheaper than their Switch Alpha 12. The rumored Acer Aspire Switch 3 Pro will have a similar design to the Alpha 12 although at its very inner core it might be a bit weaker. Being an entry level tablet, the Switch 3 will probably feature a Pentium N4200 processor which can’t really contend against the standard i3, i5, and i7 chips. All the same, the cheaper processor will help to keep the cost down.

According to Digital Trends, the price of the unannounced tablet will be around $650 at the very least, although this is just an estimation.  DT cited that the tablet will have a 64 GB internal storage capacity and it almost certain that it will run on Windows 10. As we all know Windows 10 OS is coming up really fast as a standard operating system for upcoming tablet models. Some photos of the rumored Switch 3 Pro were released by Tablet Monkeys and it’s clear that this tablet will be more like the Alpha 12 although with some more prominent bezels.

From the leaked design photos, the Switch 3 Pro is shown to possess a slim line black bezel with a detachable keyboard. When it comes to the accessories, of course, we don’t expect a tablet at this price range to possess any less than a USB Type-C port. The official report and specifications of this Acer tablet will be released very soon, so stay in touch with Next Worm to get the full update. No information about battery life, Hardware specifications or screen resolutions were released.

Being the era of 4K resolution, it would be a good idea to give users of this product a full 4k HD screen just to spice things up. When launched, the Switch 3 Pro tablet will be competing against major brands such as Microsoft and HP.