What Is A Granny Flat?


Granny Flat is typically a small home which can be attached with bigger residences. For this reason, these flats are also known as a secondary suite or accessory apartment. These apartments can usually accommodate up to 2 people. Granny flats are usually placed on the property of a bigger residence. This apartment can be easily attached and are a popular choice for elderly people. One can even see it as an investment choice.


Granny flats are self-contained small apartments built on a property containing the main house. Although these apartments can have all the things one might need.  In other words, Grany flats can usually have one Bed room, one kitchen, one bathroom, a living area and a laundry. From inside one might think of it as a fully fledged home. The legal size of granny flats vary from place to place but usually, these flats are not bigger than 60 square meters.

Legal Limitations

Though Grany flats are legal throughout the world it is important to realize that in some places Grany flats are illegal. Mostly these type of apartment is illegal in some North American municipalities though you should always clarify with your municipal corporation.

On the other hand, Grany flats are very popular in Australia. You will find one attached to almost every house. In Australia, Grany flats are seen as a means of raising the property value.

For Whom?

These type of apartments are suited for anyone but especially for elderly people and young children being ready for moving out. Elderly people who want to stay with their family and also don’t want to become a burden can choose these. They can easily manage the house with the very small amount of maintenance work. These apartments are also good as a guest house. You can even rent them off and people always seem eager to rent granny flats because of its relatively small rent.


The Grany flats are very flexible in a sense that you have total control over it. You can attach and also remove it whenever you want. You will have the full modifying control over it. One might think that there is not a lot of design option for Grany flats but that is totally wrong. One can design it in whatever way they want. It is true that the legal limitation on the maximum size can be a problem for some but then also being small is the key trait of Granny Flats. The pre-built flats come in different size and styles. You will have more than enough option to choose from.


Granny flats can cost differently from place to place. Usually, the pre built ones cost around  $25,000 to $30,000. Though if you want to build it yourself you can save a lot of money. You can build decent one within $15,000. The design is another variable and the price can go up according to that.