73% Chances of Driverless Cars Causing Accidents!


The Confused Cars

It has been found that a few very simple additions such as stickers or graffiti to the street signs are enough to confuse the driverless cars. Misinterpreting the street signs may result in a lot of road accidents.

Who found the flaw?

This flaw was revealed in a series of experiments conducted by a team of scientists from the University of Washington, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Stony Brook University, and the University of California Berkeley.

What was the test?

In the experiment, a Love/ Hate graffiti was appended to the STOP signs and random stickers were placed on the signs at various positions. Then, it was checked if this autonomous technology can identify the street signs.

The Shocking Result

73% of the time the cars failed to identify the sign and got confused. They misinterpreted the STOP sign to be a 45 mph speed limit sign. Faded right turn signs were also misinterpreted 66% of the time. Had it been a true situation rather than a trial, there would have been colossal harm to life and property.

The Future Scope

The researchers advised that these driverless cars must have an equal reliance on the contextual and physical data. The results show that these cars are prone to cyber attacks very easily. Even some simple stickers are sufficient to carry out an evil plan. Thus, there is still a lot of work to be done on these autonomous vehicles so as to avoid any damage to life and property in the future.