Sharp Says the “Future is Now” With Their New 70-inch Aquos 8K Television


So you just upgraded to a new shiny 4K TV, and you think you are enjoying the latest TV tech? Well, Sharp has some news for you, because the new Aquos 8K television set is here. Announced for the first time in IFA Berlin, this is a 70-inch TV with a ultra-high definition.

Note that this is not the first time Sharp has produced an 8K television. But it is the first product to have a five figure price, going at as much as $73,000. Also, this new model is the first one to make it possible to see as the content is being created up to viewing on the TV.


The Aquos 8K television boasts of a resolution 16 times better than the 1080 full HD. Sharp says that the TV produces high definition images that will be hard to distinguish from real life images. The set supports Dolby Vision and HDR10, which, combined with the automatic contrast and brightness settings, it is expected to deliver exceptional images.

The Aquos 8K TV’s frame is built with aviation grade aluminum. The same material is used to make the base stand as well as the lower bar.

According to Sharp, the TV is capable of producing a cinema like sound, no need for external audio aid. The set has an inbuilt sound bar, which is comprised of three classes of speaker drivers. Also, it has two sets of base woofers and four sets of powerful speakers at the back of the TV. The Yamaha Audio Engine in corporation with a DTS 2.0 tech makes the TV independent of external help for high-quality sound output.

Sharp in partnership with Foxconn also announced that they would be trying to connect the 8K TV with a 5g network with the intention to revolutionize fields like medical, entertainment, security and more.


The Aquos 8K television will first be sold in Shanghai this October, Tokyo in December,  Taiwan in February 2018 and later in Berlin, March 2018. It will cost around $70,000 US dollars.