5 Underrated WWE Wrestlers Who Deserve to be WWE Champion!


In this article, I am focusing at 5 Underrated WWE Wrestler/superstars who deserve to become WWE champions in my opinion. The rules are simple. I am focusing on those 5 superstars who never hold WWE champion before and currently no where near the title picture. So Lets begin our list.

1- Cesaro

The Swiss Superman Cesaro joined WWE in 2011. Since then Cesaro has accomplished mid cards titles in WWE. The current Tag team Champion is a one time United State Champion and Three times Tag team Champion, Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal Winner and a slammy award winner. In my personal opinion, Cesaro is the most underrated wrestler in WWE. I mean just look at his in-ring performance. I am sure majority if you will agree. Although his current booking seems fair. Cesaro and Sheamus are one of my all time favorite tag team but he do deserve a single run for WWE championship.


2  Sami Zayn

“Ole, Ole, Ole” Who don’t love Sami Zayn. We all love to sing his entrance song when he enters. Sami Zayn signed with WWE in 2013. From signing to 2016 he spent time in NXT, where he held NXT championship and one a slammy award for NXT superstar of the year. His match with Shinsuke Nakamura with no doubt was one of the best match of NXT. Since his arrival in WWE main rooster, The former NXT champion haven’t won a singe title. Most of the time he is jobbing to another superstar. Even in land of oppurtunity SmackDown Live, He is still far away from any title picture.

Sami Zayn

3 Zack Ryder

Zack Ryder Signed with WWE on 2006. His career in WWE has been a roller-coaster ride since then. He is Three Times Intercontinental, One time United States Champion, One time Tag team champion and won three slammy awards. Zack Rider increased his fame from YouTube and successfully made a huge fan following. Unfortunately for him, It never worked to get him a good push in WWE. Most recent of his achievement is winning Inter Continental  Title in Wrestelmania 32 only to lose it next day.


4- Rusev

Rusev joined WWE in 2010. He served in NXT from 2013 to 2014 and made his debut in WWE main rooster in Royal Rumble of 2014. After being defeeatd by John Cena at WrestleMania 31, HE lost his 146 days undefeated streak and his United states championship. After finishing his feud with Cena, He became involved in tag team and some fueds. He later won United State Championship again from kallisto. The two time US Champion and a slammy award winner made his return in SmackDownLive at 4th July special episode.


 4 Heath Slater

If Jinder Mahal can become WWE champion the why not Heat Slater?  Heath Slater was part of Nxus stable and 3MB with Mahal and Drew McIntyre. Heath Slater was jobber most of the time in WWE. He do have some amazing mic skills. The events of him not getting a contract in WWE draft and later teaming up with rhyni to become tag team champion breathes new life in his WWE career. Recently in Great Balls of Fire PPV, Slater has claimed his first PPV win against Curt Hawkins. Yeah this is true trust me Slater won a singles match in PPV. Lets’s see what’s next for him.

Heath Slater

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