5 Best Horror Movies Of All Time


An evil spirit, a ghost or a Demon, from which you are afraid of? There are many horror movies out but not everyone manages to scare you. In this list, I’ll be picking 5 horror movies that really have some scary stuff and will make sure to give you creeps.

1-Lights Out! (2016)

Before starting with the details, Are your room lights on? If not then hurry up and switch them on I repeat switch them on before reading further. I guess they are on. As the name states, this movie is about events that occur when the light goes off. Well, what can probably happen by the way? you better watch the movies to find out.

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2-Insidious (Franchise)

The insidious franchise is a popular horror movies franchise by Blumhouse production and directed by James Wan, the guy behind Saw and dead silence. Without spoiling anything The chapter one and two of this movies follow a boy who carries something supernatural with him. First two chapters follow that story, the third chapter is a spin-off and the fourth one is set years before the third chapter.

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3-The Grudge (2004)

Our parents told us that keeping a grudge is wrong, didn’t they? The Grudge (2004) is an American remake of the Japanese film, Ju-on: The Grudge and is directed by Takashi Shimizu. It follows the story of an American nurse working in Tokyo who is exposed to a mysterious supernatural curse. It has some really scary part and can give you creeps

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4-The Conjuring (Franchise)

Like Insidious, The Conjuring franchise is an another franchise directed by James Wan. This movie is about paranormal investigators who are called to investigate the to home of The Perrons and their 5 daughters. The Story of the film is said to be a real story of encounter of Ed and Lorraine Warren. The movie have two released part and one part is in development stage

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5-Sinister (2012)

Sinister is a British-American horror movie directed by Scott Derrickson.In this horror movie Ellision Oswalt discovers a box of horror movies in attic of his house which puts life of his family n danger. I guess it’s a warning for you to not pickup a box of horror movies in your attic right? Thers is sequel too named “Sinster 2” which was released in 2015

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Is there any other movies which really scared you? Which Horror movie you think is most scary? Let us know in the comment box below.