5 Cartoon Programs from Cartoon Network, Only 90’s Kid will Remember!


Good old Cartoon Network days….. If you are a 90’s Kid then Give me a high five….Sigh “There is no way you can give me one” I hope someone invent electronic High Five giving device or something like that, So I can stop slamming my screen with my hands. Anyway 90,s kid had some a great time of their childhood spent on Cartoon Network. Too bad Cartoon Network is not like what it used to be back then. We spent a lot of time watching Flintstones, Tom and Jerry, Samurai Jack etc. It is pleasant memory watching cartoon network in those summer holidays, in those warm nights, in those hot breezes, with siblings, with friends, with only ourselves!!!!. No doubt! Those days were gold.

There were lot of shows we used to watch, almost from all of them we have feelings attached. In this list I am specifying 5 Cartoon Network show which were most memorable in MY opinion. You may or may not agree with the list.

1- Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry was a very popular cartoon show of our time. There are many adaptation of tom and Jerry. for example Tome and Jerry show, Tom and Jerry tales etc. What I mean by Tom and Jerry is the original tom and jerry show by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. These two guys were the cartoon industry legends in my opinion that provided us with many great Cartoon shows. I have watched almost every episode of Tom and Jerry. No matter your age, No matter your gender, you will surely enjoy this masterpiece cartoon show.


2- LooneyTones  (1930-1969)

Looney Tones is the animated show series by WarnerBros. Man these guys gave us so many colorful characters. Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Elmer fudd, Tweety Bird, Slvester Cat to name few. Which one is your favorite by the way? Tell me in comments. For me, My favorite is Bugs Bunny. Man who don’t love that grey, skinny, clever, carrot eating rabbit with the catch phrase “What’s up Doc.” Like tom and jerry, there are several adoptation of Looneytones show but the original one with no doubt the best. Well Cartoon Network in my region still air this awesomeness and no matter how strange I look, how much someone tell me to stop watching cartoon like kids, I WILL WATCH THEM.

3- Powerpuff Girls (1998- 2005)

Blossom the Commander leader, Bubbles she is the joy and the laughter, Buttercup! she is the toughest fighter, powerpuff save the day. Fighting crime trying…. Oh sorry. I got carried away by the song. PowerPuff Girls is another great show of our childhood. The Professor, The Girls, Mojojojo, The Mayor and his assistant, We all loved these gold characters. Words cannot describe how I am still attached to the show. There is a remake of the show but….. Better leave it.

4-Courage the Cowardly Dog (1999-2002)

We interrupt this article to bring you “Courage the Cowardly Dog Show” I believe all of us loved opening of this show. Courage the Cowardly Dog followed adventure of the a Coward dog, “Courage” Yes you get it right! It was coward and courage at the same time. Other cast of show included Eustace and Muriel. 90,s  kid have special attachment with the show and some creepy memories too. We do remember “Return The Slab” right?

5-Ed, Edd n Eddy (1999-2009)

Ed, Edd n Eddy is another of favorite shows of 90’s kids. This show follows adventure of two guys and a girl….. Right? two guys and a girl right? What’s wrong with it? Oh yeah sorry! the third one was the guy too. Throughout my childhood I believed she sorry he was a girl. This show still has a special place in our heart.

What are your favorite childhood cartoon shows of cartoon network? Write about them in the comments. Check out more of my articles here