5 More Amazing Gadgets You Should Have

Amazing Gadgets

Who don’t love gadgets? Gadgets help you in many way. They help in your lifestyle. They can save your time. Furthermore gadgets make you look cool. If you have not read my previous post about gadgets the click here. In this article I’ll go through 5 more amazing gadgets you should have.

5 Amazing Gadgets to get

1- The Window Socket.

This gadget help you utilize sun energy and covert it into electrical energy. It acts like a socket while attached to your window. You can charge your phone, light a lamp with it. The invention is small and easy to carry around. It will come handy when you can’t a find an electric source near you.


2- Self Stirring Mug

Now this one is pretty interesting. A self stirring mug! You want to add some sugar in your tea and you don’t have a spoon. Moreover you are to lazy to get up and get it then this will be handy for sure. the mug stirs you liquid inside it. If you are one of those that hate stirring then you should grab it.


3- Instagif

This one is seems like inspired form the famous Polaroid Cameras. Instagif prints out instant GIF’s just like Polaroid camera prints instant pictures. You can record a short video and Instagif will print out it as a GIF. Sounds cool right? To know more about Instagif, click here to read my article about it.


4- Pokemon Crystal Ball

Care to get a pokeball with Pokemon inside? Pokemon crystal ball is a beautifully made pokeball of crystal that shows a Pokemon inside. The pokeball is a must grab if you are a Pokemon fan. Grab a Pokeball with you favorite Pokemon inside.


5- Mini USB fan

Out in summer and feeling hot? Wishing for a fan to cool yourself? Maybe you can carry one! You might be wondering how in the world I am suppose to carry a fan and even if i did where to find electricity to run it. The Mini USB fan is the answer! The mini fan can attach to you PC through USB post. It can also be attached to smart phone by using OTG adapter.


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