5 Amazing Gadgets Every Computer Geek Should Have


Are you a computer geek? Yes? that’s cool. Computer Geeker’s sure are some of the best guys out there. It is pride of a geeker to have amazing computer gadgets. I mean you must have some fancy looking amazing gadgets in your bag and prove that you are a cool guy. Don’t have many? just Chill, In this article, I’ll be sharing some of the gadgets a geeker must have. So hang on lets begin the list.

1- An External Hard Drive/Flash Drive that can connect to smartphone

Flash drives or external hard drive are must have for the geeks. Flash drives that can connect to the smart phone is definitely a plus point. If you don’t have a USB that support mobile port, Then don’t worry, there is a cable called OTG cable that can be used for the purpose. A micro cord less OTG connector is also available. These gadgets are must so you can easily transfer some data from PC and PC, or Smart Phone and PC.

source (https://www.hardreset99.com/micromax-hard-reset/micromax-bolt-d303-hard-reset-factory-reset-and-password-recovery/)

2- Wire to connect PC and Smartphone to LCD

Have a movies in your Smart Phone or PC but you want to connect it to LCD so everyone can enjoy it? Then you must have following leads in your gadget bag. A VGA or HDMI cable is easy method if you LCD and Laptop support it. In case of smartphones, Screen mirroring is availability but if your LCD don’t support screen mirroring then what? Well get a MHL wire and use HDMI cable to connect your smartphone to LCD with help of it. Whether it is a movie or some pictures of trip, Be the cool guy and use them

source (http://trendblog.net/how-to-connect-android-phone-tv/)

3- USB Multi-switch

You want to play a game with friends, One port is busy with external hard drive, one with mouse and you have to connect two controllers but only one port is free! and you need to charge your cell phone too. USB multi switch is a device that will help you at that moment. A laptop have three to four USB ports but you need more so USB multi-switch will come handy for sure.

source (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29ewCenWAnE)

4- Multi Headphone Jack

Having a Movie night and grandmother is in next room? Okay lets use headphones and watch movies but wait! How in the world you can do that? If you are more then one then what? there is only one audio jack in laptop. Well there is a solution that is Multi Headphone Jack. It is a gadget that will allow you to connect up to 5 headphones. So enjoy multimedia with your friends with the gadget

source (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tG7eN8VAeU

5- A portable scanner

You are in a bus on your way to somewhere and your boss tells you to send the documents quickly. You have them in your bag but there is no way you can’t post them. Why don’t scan them and send an e-mail? Wait there is no way there is a scanner installed in bus. Well only if you have it in your bag right? you’ll be wondering how is it possible to have one in bag? You can have it dude. There is a gadget  “Portable Scanner.” It can scan your documents easily. You should have it if you are a geek

source (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMWnGb9FG7o)

So Geekers! get some and prove that you are a cool Geek Guy

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-Cover Image taken from (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMWnGb9FG7o)