4.7 Millions People Join North Korean Army Ready to Go to War with the US


Just days after the White House swore to destroy North Korea, a state-run media house has reported that over 4.7 million people have joined Kim Jong Un’s fighting forces. The recruits will grow the rogue nation’s army to over four times the size of the existing one.

Another of Kim Jong’s media machines reported that the recruits include students and veterans, both men and women. It could be true or just propaganda. When the UN imposed fresh trade sanctions on Pyongyang, the North Korean government issued a report that 3.5 million people volunteered to the army ready to fight.

The Council of Foreign Relations says that with only 1.1 million fighters, North Korea ranks fourth largest military nation worldwide.

Recently, in 2014, the country was reported to have been spending roughly $3.5 billion yearly to improve their military ability. These include the ever testing nuclear missiles, 4,300 tanks, and 5,500 rocket launches.

It is mandatory for all North Korean men and women to serve in the military, with men required to fight for the nation for at least ten years and seven years for females. Defectors have reported that the soldiers’ living conditions are not right. The fighters feed on potatoes. Sexual assaults are also common. People have been brainwashed to believe in, and agree with everything said by the leaders.

A former soldier and a defector, Kim Hun says that the only authority they know is Kim II Sung, Kim Jong II, and the current leader Kim Jong Un. They are told to obey whatever orders issued by the leaders no matter dangerous it is.

North Korean Soldiers know very little or nothing about the real world. Even after they retire, the brainwashing effect of the many years in the military is so intense ever to leave their heads.

The conflict between the US and North Korea was intensified by Donald Trump’s calling of Kim Jong a “Rocket Man” for testing their missiles. Trump also declared that Kim Jong Un’s defiant country would not be around for long.

Ri Yong Ho, the North Korea’s foreign minister, said on Tuesday that Donald Trump had declared war on their country. The US president further worsened the situation by saying that White House was ready to take destructive actions against the rogue nation.