After all the rumours and waiting, 2018 TOYOTA Supra might be landing in early 2018. When they first shared the FT-1 concept it was intended to be the next supra but for some reason, they turned to BMW for this job. So you can be pretty much sure that the next supra will share its platform with the BMW Z5 Roadster. We all have a very high expectation for the new supra, after all, we are waiting for more than 5 years now and finally, the waiting will be over.



The new TOYOTA supra has been seen being tested in NURBURGRING quite a few times. The new 2018 supra model does not look like the FT-1 concept rather than that it will be more like the BMW Z5, which is a short car with a shorter wheel base and width. This might be the first hybrid car from Toyota.

Exterior and Interior:

The exterior looks powerful and has some similarities with an old LEXUS LFA concept. At first glance, you will be instantly impressed by the build of the supra. It has two carbon fiber air admission panel in each front section. We don’t know much about the interior design yet but you can be sure the interior would be made out of high-grade material and will be comfortable like most of the Toyota cars. It will most probably offer a cockpit style design to give a good driving experience but for the most part, the interior will be a BMW styled interior with some little tweaks from TOYOTA.

Engine and Performance:

There are a lot of rumours about the car’s engine and most of the experts think that it will have a new 3 liter twin-turbocharged v6 which will produce at least 350 horsepower and 325 lb-ft of torque. A good news is that the car is getting an all wheel drive. This car will have a very high top speed, more than 200 mph and a reasonable acceleration. we can’t say much about the engine performance until Toyota releases the official specs of the car but it will probably be the most powerful engine in its class. the performance will likely be like the BMW M class cars.

Release date and MSRP:

Toyota still did not officially stated the release date but you can be sure it will hit the market within the first quarter of 2018. Being a high-performance sports car you can expect it to be priced high on the list. we can’t be sure about the cost of the car but it will surely cost more than 50000$ and that’s a reasonable price for a sports car with those specs.

Toyota eventually step back from the original FT-1 concept and that can be disappointing but we can expect a great car from Toyota in the name of 2018 TOYOTA SUPRA. BMW’s collaboration with TOYOTA can bring really nice handling on this model and that’s a good thing. Seems like TOYOTA learned from their old mistakes and possibly won’t repeat them again. A little bit waiting and we will see the waiting was worth it or not.