2 Women Begged they are not Responsible for the Kim’s Attack


Two women were blamed for the poisoning of Kim Jong Nam’s face with the VX. VX is the banned toxic chemical substance. The two women were Siti Aisyah of Indonesia and Doan Thi Huong of Vietnam. They were saying that the substance is harmless and playing for a hidden-camera show.

Spy Agency:

The girls shook their heads whether they were feeling guilty for that. These two girls were in custody for killing the spy agency of South Korea. Police were saying that the people might leave the country after this incident. North Korea is having a history of people who kill.

Death penalty:

The lawyers of these two girls asked to notice the four people who have an intention to him. They faced the death penalty.

If the lawyers have a strong argument, then the judge will accept their defense. Once the judge accepts, some medical experts are called to establish the cause of the death. It takes two months for the result.


Kim was the eldest person of the family that has ruled North Korea. He once caught on a false passport while entering Japan. He told that he wanted to visit Disney Land. He lived abroad for many years with the false passport under the name of Kim Chol.

Aisyah defense lawyer said that she didn’t know that she had poison in her hand. Aisyah was hired for $100- $200 for doing pranks.  Video prank shows producer was Chang. James introduced her to Chang. As per Police, they were not therein airport while prank was done.

The other suspect is Huong. A little is known about her. She wore a white sweater with black bold letters on that. It said LOL. The acronym is Laughing Out Loud. Her family didn’t know get her many updates.  She rose in a farm of rice.

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