A $1,000 Apple’s iPhone X Ranked Lower than Galaxy S8! What Just Happened?

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Apple’s best phone, iPhone X, just ranked lower than Android’s Galaxy S8. According to Consumer Report, the phone is a more inferior choice for buyers as compared to Samsung Galaxy S8.

After several tests by the consumer reports, the Apple’s iPhone X appeared to have much more shortcomings as compared to its competitor brands including Samsung Galaxy S8.

Consumer Reports claim that durability and low battery life are among the main noted shortcomings of the Apple’s $1,000 superior phone.

During the durability tests, three iPhone X phones tumbled. After several continuous drop tests, one phone cracked the back glass while the other two displayed some lines running across from top to bottom on the front screens, a clear indication of weak screen material.

Consumers report added that iPhone 8 and iPhone 8+ are more resistant to breaking than the latest iPhone X.

iPhone X’s battery lasts 19.5 hours, far less than the 26 hours recorded by Galaxy S8 and S8+. iPhone X also ranked lower than iPhone 8Plus which logged 21 hours of battery life.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 ranked the first among the top 10 best Smartphones while iPhone X came in position nine.

Despite the poor ratings, the 5.8 inch OLED Screen iPhone boasts the praises from consumers about:

The best cameras with an outstanding Depth-sensor that produce high-resolution photos and best videos even in low light.
Its advanced security that uses Face identification to unlock the phone screen.
The phone’s deep-black display with the highest contrast ratio allows the user to have excellent results.

Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 plus and iPhone 8 plus scored 81 out of 100, according to Consumer Reports. But iPhone X came in slightly lower with an overall of 80

However, longtime iPhone users don’t seem to fall for the report. Many are not interested in switching from Apple to Android just because of the durability concerns, high price, and battery life.