10 Facts About Chester Bennington That You May Not Know


Chester Bennington, the lead vocalist and songwriter of famous American hard rock band Linkin Park died last Thursday. He committed suicide because of some unknown reason. As a tribute to Chester, we are compiling 10 interesting facts about him that you may not know.

1. As a kid, he was into marijuana, cocaine, LSD and methamfetamine. He even admitted once that his drug use was the centre of many songs that he had written. He was also a heavy alcohol user. 

2. His singing career started with a band named Sean Dowdell and his friend’s yet many of you might never even heard of this band.

3. He was a victim of cyber crime. A cyber stalker named Devon Townsend harassed him for almost a year. Therefore Devon spent 2 years in prison for his crime. As a result of this incident, he stopped using social media for a long time. 

4. He was a big fan of Arizona Cardinals and Arizona Coyotes. Chester liked to watch soccer and ice hockey.

5.  Chester was a tattoo enthusiast and got his tattoos done from Club Tatoo from Tempe, Arizona.

6. Chester was a very close friend of Chris Cornell. As a result when Cornell died he become very depressed. Chester was the godfather of Cornell’s son, Christopher.

7. Chester even worked in movies and played small roles and worked in Crank, Crank: High Voltage and Saw 3D.

8. As a kid, Chester dreamt of becoming a member of Stone Temple Pilots and later he achieved his dream.

9. Before starting his career as a musician he worked at Berger King. He did a very low paying job there and most of the money he earned was wasted on drugs.

10. Chester was bullied almost every day when he was at school. He started hating himself and he found peace in music.

That was our pick for 10 interesting facts about Chester Bennington let us know if we missed something.